Benchtop Centrifuge

The benchtop centrifuge is the most common and versatile type of centrifuge. They have a variety of uses from routine specimen preparation to research and are referred to by some manufacturers as universal due to the large range of uses and rotors available. Speeds and g-force vary greatly and most models available are also available in a refrigerated version. Refrigerated models are larger than their non-refrigerated counterparts with the refrigeration unit typically an extension to the side or the back of the unit.

IEC CL31R Benchtop CentrifugeSigma 3-18 Benchtop CentrifugeHettich Rotina 380 Benchtop Centrifuge

Benchtop Centrifuge Accessories

From microtitre plates and standard blood tubes to larger universal and conical tubes the benchtop centrifuge really is incredibly versatile while retaining good value for money. A typical mid-size benchtop centrifuge would be able to hold around 28 x standard blood tubes, 12 x 15ml conical tubes, 4 x 50ml conical or 25ml universal, or 4 x 96 well microplates per run.

Typical Application

In the capacity as a routine centrifuge they are used within hospital laboratories to separate the blood cells from the plasma before sample processing. After separation tests can be carried out on the red cells including haemoglobin, haematocrit or blood type cross matching. An increased platelets or white cell count can be used to highlight disease or infection.