Large Benchtop Centrifuge

Boasting a larger capacity than their smaller equivalents, the large benchtop centrifuge is ideal for higher quantity processing in larger research and hospital facilities. They provide a useful midway point between the typical benchtops and the high capacity floor standing centrifuges. As you would expect of a larger machine, the attainable speeds and g-force are higher than smaller models but as with the smaller models, there is great variation in what can be achieved dependent on application type. Most large benchtop models are also available with refrigeration.

Heraeus Multifuge 3 Large Benchtop CentrifugeHettich Rotanta 460 LargeBenchtop CentrifugeSigma 6-16 Large Benchtop Centrifuge

Large Benchtop Centrifuge Accessories

With a typical capacity between 4 x 500ml to 4 x 750ml, large benchtop centrifuges have the versatility to carry out a wide range of applications from those requiring microtitre plates and standard blood tubes to those requiring larger samples held in universal or conical tubes. A typical large benchtop centrifuge would be able to spin around 108 x standard blood tubes, 56 x 15ml conical tubes, 24 x 50ml conical tubes, 28 x 25ml universals, or 16 x 96 well microplates per run. Some of the large benchtop centrifuges also have a microlitre capability of around 100 x 0.2-2ml per run.

Typical Application

In the capacity as a routine centrifuge they are used within hospital laboratories to separate the blood cells from the plasma before sample processing. After separation tests can be carried out on the red cells including haemoglobin, haematocrit or blood type cross matching. An increased platelets or white cell count can be used to highlight disease or infection.