Floor Standing Centrifuge

The floor standing centrifuge is used where a large throughput and/or high speed is required. With up to 12 Litres per run ( 6 x 2L ) a typical high volume application would be blood bags within the blood transfusion service. A standard floor centrifuge would offer speeds upto 25,000 RPM, speeds in excess of 100,000 RPM can be achived with an Ultra centrifuge.

Floor Standing Centrifuge Accessories

The large capacity of the floor standers makes them ideal for blood bag centrifugation. Aside from this specific application, floor standing centrifuges are ideal for spinning very high volumes of standard tubes. For example a typical floor stander would spin around 648 x standard blood tubes, 72 x 15ml conical tubes, 30 x 50ml conical tubes, 42 x 25ml universals, or 32 x 96 well microplates per run. Some of the floor standing centrifuges also have a microlitre capability of around 480 x 0.2-2ml per run.

Typical Application

For universal use in blood banks, clinical laboratories and research.

  • Blood bag centrifugation