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A centrifuge usually driven by a motor utilises centrifugal force to evenly distributing substances of greater and lesser density, it puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis. A common application for a centrifuge is in the clinical and research areas, laboratory centrifuges are available in a variety of capacities for volumes from as little as 0.2ml up to 12L. Various applications require additional features such as refrigeration, heating and robotic control. The 2 main styles of rotor used in a laboratory are swing out rotors for high volume low speed applications and fixed angle rotors which are capable of running at a much greater speed.

Good Centrifuge Practice

Centrifuges can be potentially dangerous. Therefore it is vital that they are properly maintained and used correctly.

  • Always run with a full compliment of buckets. Failure to do so can distort rotor.
  • Ensure the rotor and all lids are tightened correctly before use.
  • Only use accessories intended for use in your particular centrifuge, as recommended by your centrifuge supplier.
  • Balance accessories and samples to within less than 2 gms per bucket.
  • Samples should be diametrically distributed evenly around the buckets as shown.
  • Clean and lubricate rotor pins monthly.
  • High strength aluminium corrodes easily, to prevent this, remove adaptors and keep buckets clean and dry at all times.
  • Only clean aluminium buckets in a neutral ph cleaner. Do not use strong alkalis, acids or chloros.
  • Condensation build up in a centrifuge bowl will damage the motor and buckets.
  • Allow condensation to evaporate by leaving the lid open at night with power switched off.
  • Corroded centrifuge cups removed from use

    Downloadable Safety Posters

    To help maintain safe practice we have created these downloadable safety posters for display around your working area.

    Posters available for: Bucket Cleaning Procedure Good Centrifuge Practice and RCF Calculator

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    Bucket Cleaning Guidelines Good Centrifuge Practice RCF Calculator

    Laboratory Centrifuges

    Laboratory centrifuges are avaliable in a variety of sizes from small micro centrifuges through to large floor standing ultra centrifuges.