Used Centrifuges

Used or "re-conditioned" centrifuges can be a great solution for labs working within a limited budget. Provided that a used machine is sourced from a reputable centrifuge specialist, a second-hand centrifuge can provide the same service as a new one for a fraction of the cost. However before proceeding with a used centrifuge purchase it is worth checking the following points:

  • The rotor age. Centrifuge rotors have a limited life, this lifespand will vary between different manufacturers and different models, it is important that you do your research to make sure that the centrifuge you are buying has a current rotor fitted. If the rotor is out of date, ask if it is possible to buy it with a new one instead.

  • Look for corrosion. Corrosion in and around the rotor and particularly inside the buckets, is not a good sign. The corrosion is a sign of damage to the protective layer and the aluminium. Due to the forces exerted on a centrifuge rotor and buckets during centrifugation this can lead to catastrophic failures. Corrosion may not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye, check for small 'pits' inside the bucket cavity and any markings on the outside of the bucket or rotor examples of which are below (click to enlarge).

  • Research your chosen centrifuge Is the model you are interested in still supported by the manufacturer or are parts and accessories now obsolete? It is definately worth checking as like any other machinery, centrifuges are likely to require standard replacment parts at various intervals. If the model has been replaced or upgraded it is sometimes possible that the accessories on the newer version will be compatible with previous models. However this is generally untrue with regards to spare parts, there is little point in purchasing a used centrifuge for a reduced price if it is unmaintainable in the long run.

  • Only ever buy from a reputable source. A reputable centrifuge specialist is a good starting place as they will have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the used machine is re-furbished and re-conditioned to the highest of standards. Centrifuges can be dangerous. They spin metal objects at high forces, and if not serviced correctly have the potential to cause serious injury and damage. A centrifuge specialist will have already addressed the afore-mentioned defects and should have also given the machine a full service. The company may also serve as a useful contact in the long-run for the ongoing maintenance of your re-furbished centrifuge.

  • Centrifuge Specialists recommends the following centrifuge specialists for purchasing and maintaining used centrifuges:

    DJB Labcare A family run business based in Newport Pagnell on the edge of Milton Keynes. Originally formed in 1993 as a centrifuge service company, DJB now boasts a wide range of centrifuge related services including service and maintenance, hire and loan, demos and training and sales of new and used stock. To view their range of re-conditioned machines click here.